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Expanding Horizons: Termtip’s Social Media Strategy in Myanmar

Leveraging Social Media for Market Entry and Halal Brand Awareness

The challenge

Termtip, looking to penetrate the Myanmar market with its halal product line, faced the challenge of establishing brand recognition and trust in a new, diverse market. Their need was to create a strong social media presence that resonated with the local audience and highlighted their commitment to halal standards.

The solution

We devised a comprehensive social media strategy tailored to Termtip’s unique position. Our plan focused on culturally sensitive content, engagement strategies, and targeted campaigns to build a connection with the Myanmar audience and to educate them about Termtip’s halal products


Culturally Attuned Social Media Engagement

Building Trust and Brand Loyalty in a New Market

Our approach combined market research with creative content strategies to appeal to the Myanmar audience. We emphasized Termtip’s commitment to halal standards in all communications, ensuring cultural sensitivity and relevance. Our campaigns were designed to educate, engage, and build trust among the local consumers.

The result

Achieving Market Penetration and Brand Recognition

Termtip’s Success in Establishing a Halal Brand in Myanmar

The social media campaign for Termtip yielded substantial results in market penetration and brand awareness. Their presence in the Myanmar market was solidified, with a notable increase in brand recognition and customer trust, particularly regarding their halal product line. Termtip’s journey in Myanmar showcases the power of targeted and culturally sensitive social media marketing.


Increase brand awareness among the targeted audience


Growth in customer engagement on social media


Higher Conversion Rate


Increase social media reaction rate

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