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Designing a Distinctive Identity for Easy Mart: A Branding Success Story

Crafting a Unique Brand Signature for Easy Mart’s Global Expansion

The challenge

Easy Mart, an emerging franchise mini-mart from France, required a compelling brand identity to match its ambitious vision. The challenge was to create a brand signature and identity that would not only resonate with a diverse customer base but also stand out in the competitive retail market

The solution

We, Newness – Branding & Digital Marketing Agency, undertook the task of developing a unique and memorable brand identity for Easy Mart. Our approach encompassed designing a distinctive logo and a comprehensive brand identity that reflected Easy Mart’s values and global appeal, while also being adaptable for local markets.


A Visionary Approach to Global Branding

Blending Local Flavor with International Appeal in Brand Design

Our strategy involved deep market research and understanding the essence of Easy Mart’s brand. We focused on creating a versatile brand identity that could be easily recognized and would appeal to both local and international customers. This included developing a unique color scheme, typography, and visual elements that encapsulated Easy Mart’s ethos.

The result

Establishing a Strong Brand Presence in Yangon

Easy Mart's Brand Identity: A Symbol of Retail Excellence

The new branding for Easy Mart has been a resounding success, with the brand now boasting around 30 outlets across Yangon. The distinctiveness of our design work is evident in each store, contributing significantly to Easy Mart’s brand recognition and customer appeal. We invite everyone to witness the beauty and effectiveness of our creation at the nearest Easy Mart store.

30 Outlets

Number of Easy Mart outlets in Yangon, each showcasing our branding design


Increase in brand recognition among the target audience


Unique Design Elements

10+ Elements

Used their indoor decoration

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