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Elevating ADDA Myanmar's Digital Presence: A Social Media Success Story

Harnessing the Power of Strategic Social Media to Drive Brand Growth

The challenge

ADDA Myanmar, a dynamic player in the Myanmar Fashion and footwear Industry, faced challenges in expanding its digital footprint and engaging effectively with its audience on social media platforms. Despite having a strong market presence, their social media strategy lacked direction, resulting in low engagement rates and limited reach.

The solution

Our Newness stepped in to revitalize ADDA Myanmar’s social media presence. Our approach involved a comprehensive analysis of their target audience, competitive landscape, and social media trends relevant to their industry. By crafting a tailored social media strategy, we aimed to enhance brand visibility, engagement, and customer loyalty.


A Tailored Approach for Social Media Excellence

Customized Content and Engagement Strategies for ADDA Myanmar

Our strategy encompassed a mix of engaging content creation, targeted advertising campaigns, and interactive community management. We focused on creating content that resonated with ADDA Myanmar’s audience, leveraging both organic and paid media to maximize reach. Regular analytics and feedback loops ensured our strategy remained agile and effective.

The result

Transforming Social Media Metrics into Real Success

Significant Growth in Engagement, Reach, and Brand Awareness

Our strategic interventions led to remarkable improvements in ADDA Myanmar’s social media performance. Not only did we see a substantial increase in engagement and followers, but also a notable boost in brand awareness and customer interaction. The results underscored the power of a well-executed social media strategy in driving business growth.

Most significantly, during the challenging period of COVID-19, ADDA Factory in Thailand observed a substantial increase in orders from Myanmar, attributing this success to the enhanced digital presence and engagement strategies we implemented. As noted in their testimonial, “They have many orders from Myanmar during COVID-19, so they assign more human resource for their duty assign.” This direct correlation between our social media efforts and ADDA Myanmar’s business growth vividly demonstrates the tangible benefits of our services.


Increase in social media engagement within the first three months


Growth in follower count


Increase in brand recall among target audience as measured through market surveys


Increase in customer inquiries via social media channels

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