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Boosting FaThai Myanmar’s Brand Presence: A Social Media Success Journey

Leveraging Social Media for Enhanced Distribution and Brand Recognition in Myanmar

The challenge

FaThai Myanmar faced challenges in establishing a robust distribution channel and raising brand awareness in the competitive Myanmar market. Their presence on social media was underutilized, limiting their reach and engagement with potential customers.

The solution

Newness crafted a unique social media strategy aimed at enhancing FaThai Myanmar’s online visibility and supporting its distribution channels. Our approach focused on tailored content, targeted advertising, and community engagement to build a strong connection with the Myanmar audience.


Tailored Social Media Strategies for Market Penetration

Creating Engaging Content and Networks for Effective Distribution

Our strategy for FaThai Myanmar included creating culturally resonant content, leveraging influencers, and engaging with users to foster trust and recognition. We also utilized social media analytics to refine our approach, ensuring maximum impact on their distribution channels and market presence.

The result

Achieving New Heights in Brand Awareness and Distribution Efficacy

A Story of Success in Market Penetration and Customer Engagement

Our efforts led to significant improvements in FaThai Myanmar’s social media metrics. We successfully increased brand awareness and played a key role in supporting their distribution network in Myanmar. The enhanced social media presence translated into better market penetration and a stronger customer base.


Increase in social media engagement, contributing to enhanced market visibility


Growth in direct customer inquiries through social media, aiding distribution efforts


Surge in brand recall among the target demographic, as indicated by consumer surveys


Rise in sales attributed to improved social media-driven distribution channels

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