ADDA Myanmar Case Study

Boosting ADDA Myanmar’s Brand Engagement and Reach through Innovative Social Media Marketing with Newness

Newness, a well-known digital agency specializing in brand marketing and social media strategies, embarked on a transformative journey with ADDA Myanmar, a distinguished footwear brand for both men and women. This case study is about the remarkable collaboration that began in December 2020, showcasing how a strategic social media marketing campaign led to exponential growth in brand visibility and engagement.

Client Overview

ADDA distributes stylish shoes for men and women in Thailand and Myanmar. In December 2020, they joined forces with Newness to get more people to know about their awesome products.

The Initial Challenge

Back in January 2021, while ADDA footwear was popular locally, the ADDA Myanmar Facebook page had only around 18,151 likes. The challenge was clear: how to expand ADDA Myanmar ‘s online presence and create meaningful interaction with their target audience.

Newness Strategy

Newness got to work, crafting engaging content for ADDA Myanmar’s social media. Under the expert guidance of Newness, ADDA Myanmar’s social media landscape underwent a strategic transformation. A carefully crafted content strategy to connect with the audience and showcase the brand’s uniqueness became the cornerstone of their approach.

The Breakthrough Campaign: “New Year, New ADDA”

ADDA Myanmar and Newness launched a special campaign called “New Year, New ADDA”. This campaign encouraged audiences to share their New Year moments along with ADDA. This innovative approach captured the imagination of the audience and increased engagement.

Impressive Results

The campaign achieved success with 30 delighted winners and a remarkable 2.3K post reactions. However, the true testament to engagement was 371 insightful comments, indicating a real connection between  the brand and its audience.

Surge in Social Media Metrics

Over the course of the partnership, ADDA Myanmar experienced an unprecedented surge in their Facebook page likes, soaring from 18,151 in January 2021 to an impressive 283,685 by July 2023. This meteoric rise was attributed to the combined effect of the impactful campaign and the consistent content strategy executed by Newness.

Sustained Growth and Future Prospects

Building on this momentum, Newness continues to foster ADDA Myanmar’s social media presence with a consistent posting of creative contents. The partnership is poised for further evolution, with plans to explore new avenues of engagement, including video content and campaigns.


The collaboration between Newness and ADDA Myanmar showcases how the power of innovative social media marketing can make a significant impact. The campaign acted as a catalyst, propelling ADDA Myanmar into the limelight and fostering meaningful connections with an expanding audience. As the partnership evolves, the ADDA brand will continue to grow in Myanmar, guided by Newness’s smart strategies in digital marketing.

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