Social Media Platforms During COVID-19: Facebook

During this time of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, social media marketing is more important.

In order for your business to continue reaching your customers, it’s essential that you meet them where they’re online, and there are many social media platforms where you can do this.

Let start with the Facebook platform, Facebook still remains the number one social media platform in the world. With over a billion active users spanning all demographics.

During COVID-19, Facebook is the perfect tool for building your brand and engaging your consumers virtually.

We find that businesses do best when they use Facebook to create an online community, to make the customers feel included and supported, and to keep people informed about the business.

And people also love joining communities!

especially now that many people are staying home and social distancing, Facebook is one of the first places they will turn to connect with friends.

Making your business relevant and helpful on Facebook is the best way to market to your audience during COVID-19. The most algorithmically favorable posts on Facebook in 2020 are videos, blog posts, and curated content.

Facebook Live is also a newer feature that gets high engagement, interacts with the followers, and gets your message across by starting the conversation with the online community.

By far, one of the most significant benefits of Facebook live and live streaming, in general, is its cost-effectiveness. In other words, it’s relatively cheap to go live, and the return is substantial.

Even when you go live spending little to nothing, the potential of increased engagement with your audience and real-time interaction can help boost sales, build relationships, and grow online reach.

Therefore, it’s the best time to promote and get the awareness of your product or service during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

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